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Howard Thurman
1899 - 1980

Clergyman, philosopher, lecturer, professor of theology at Howard University. Cited by Life Magazine as one of the 12 greatest preachers of the 20th century. Author of 22 books including The Inward Journey (1973) and Meditations of the Heart (1976).

It is a strange freedom to be adrift in the world of men without a sense of anchor anywhere. Always there is a need of mooring, the need for the firm grip on something that is rooted and will not give. The urge to be accountable to someone, to know that there is an answer that must be given, cannot be denied. The deed a man performs must be weighed in the balance held by another's hand. The very spirit of a man tends to panic from the desolation of going nameless up and down the streets of other minds where no salutation greets and no friendly recognition makes secure. It is a strange freedom to be adrift in the world of men.

1973 - from The Inward Journey