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Michael Adams

1946 -

Pollster and social scientist, founder of Environics Research Group, author of Sex in the Snow (1997), Viking

Book by Michael Adams
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Sex in the Snow
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Increasingly, Canadians are giving up on traditional religious dogma in favour of a less guilt-ridden sprituality. Growing numbers of hedonistic and experience-seeking Canadians reject the existence of a devil or Hell.

1997 - from Sex in the Snow
The critics of our post-modern culture see it as poor, narcissistic, trivial and ultimately meaningless. The believe that there are no more great ideas, nor great men to advance them, only "empowered" consumers in a futile quest for the god they abandoned in pursuit of the good life in shopping centres and television sitcoms.

1997 - from Sex in the Snow
... consensus on social values is determined less and less by demographic factors. Among older Canadians, differences in social values are largely determined by such demographic variables such as gender, education and income, but this is less true among younger groups.

1997 - from Sex in the Snow
North of the 49th parallel we value equality, south of it, they treasure freedom.

1997 - from Sex in the Snow
Canadians' enthusiasm for ... new technologies, and their growing ability to form their own networks rather than rely on historical institutions, is contributing to the 'values tribalization' of the country. Once defined by our race, religion or region, now we define ourselves by our values, by our personal priorities and by our life choices.

1997 - from Sex in the Snow