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Dr. Mark Genuis

Founder and executive director of the National Foundation for Family Research and Education

Several public opinion polls conducted over the past few years have shown that most Canadian parents do not want more day care; they want more time to spend with their children. Yet the government seems to be persisting in its efforts to introduce programs that will separate children from their parents at ever-younger ages... A wealth of psychological research shows that, for the vast majority of families, the best child care program is a stable, nurturing home with a parent as a more or less full-time caregiver. Indeed, study after study shows that parents are the best developmentalists we have, and that early childhood development programs have little, if any, power to influence child development in the long run. So if our political leaders truly care for children, they will think twice before investing more tax dollars in programs that a majority of Canadian parents say they don't want and that science tells us are unlikely to produce lasting improvements in children's intellectual or emotional development.

Nov. 1, 1999 - from the weekly debate on the National Foundation for Family Research and Education Web site