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J. Fraser Field
Teacher and columnist in Mission, British Columbia

Promiscuity among the homosexual population, as one researcher noted, 'would boggle the heterosexual mind.' In one study 28 per cent of male homosexuals reported having more than 1,000 sex partners during their lifetime, 41 per cent reported more than 500, and 74 per cent more than 100. As a direct consequence, male homosexuals are 5,000 times more likely to contract AIDS than their heterosexual counterparts. The level of HIV infection today among homosexual men is approximately 30 per cent of the population. In addition to all of this, substance abuse, depression, and suicide are all widely acknowledged to be epidemic problems among the homosexual population. While revisionists will argue that at least some of these problems are the direct result of heterosexism and homophobia, the fact remains that the life of the average gay person is far from the healthy happy alternative now being romanticized so vigorously in the media and in our schools. Public anxiety about homosexuality is predominantly a concern about the vulnerabilities of the young. Because educational efforts to eliminate homophobia and heterosexism have sought to leave a positive impression of homosexuality with students, they have tended to ignore the darker, more distorted aspects of the gay lifestyle. Parents would be well advised to take an active part in overseeing and approving the development of any curriculum which might end up enticing their children into a lifestyle that can kill them.

May, 1998 - from "Truth must be part of ‘homophobia’ teaching", published in the Vancouver Sun newspaper and The Interim online journal