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Kim Campbell

1947 -

Former Progressive Conservative prime minister of Canada (1993), member of the British Columbia Legislature (1986). Campbell was elected to the federal Parliament in 1988, and worked ministerial portfolios of Indian and Northern Affairs, Justice, and National Defence. The hallmark of her work in this period was restrictive legislation targeting law-abiding gun owners, and new legislation (C-49) introducing the concept of consent into Canadian law regarding rape. Upon the resignation of her hugely-unpopular leader, Brian Mulroney, in 1993, she narrowly won the leadership of the party just in time to lead it into a mandated election and a crushing defeat. Her party was reduced to two seats in the Canadian Parliament, neither of them hers, and she retired to a fellowship at Harvard University.

In a democracy, government isn't something that a small group of people do to everybody else. It's not even something they do for everybody else. It should be something they do with everybody else.

Mar. 25, 1993