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Christopher Brand

Psychologist, psychological researcher at Edinburgh University, Fellow of the Galton Institute, author of The 'g' Factor and other works

It was axiomatic to the philosophers of ancient Greece that there would be some relation between the character of a people and its political institutions and policies.

1986 - from "The psychological bases of political attitudes and interests", in Hans Eysenck: Consensus and Controversy by S.& C. Modgil, ed.
Let's put to flight the PeeCee battalions whose absurdities warrant psychological research in their own right and wipe out modern White Anglo-Saxon Protestant 'speech codes' which blur and deny our differences. Once upon a time, we were equal before God and struggled for equality in the eye of the Law and in voting booths. But today, the central doctrine of PeeCee claims us to be naturally equal in every important way: morally, psychologically and in all-round cultural achievement. Who can believe such absurdity...

1996 - from "Get Real About Race", published in downlow Vol. 2, No. 1