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Erich H. Fromm

Philosopher, author of Escape from Freedom, The Art of Being, and other works

Fortitude is the capacity to say "no" when the world wants to hear "yes."

1968 - from The Revolution of Hope
Meaning well is one of the best rationalizations for acting badly, and nothing is easier than to persuade oneself of the validity of this rationalization.

1980 - from Greatness and Limitations of Freud's Thought
1984 [novel by George Orwell] teaches us the danger with which all men are confronted today, the danger of a society of automatons who will have lost every trace of individuality...yet who will not be aware of it.

1985 - from his Afterword to Outcome-Based Education: The State's Assault on Our Children's Values, by Peg Luksik and Pamela Hobbs Hoffecker, Huntington House, Lafayette
We are usually half asleep and only sufficiently awake to go about our business; but we are not awake enough to go about living, which is the only task that matters for a living being. The great leaders of the human race are those who have awakened man from his half-slumber. The great enemies of humanity are those who put it to sleep, and it does not matter whether their sleeping potion is the worship of God or that of the Golden Calf.

from The Gospel of Zen