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Doreen Kimura
Journalist, the National Post newspaper

Three separate studies of employment practices in Canadian universities have reported that women are being hired in proportions higher than would be expected from their numbers in the pool of qualified applicants. This applies to all fields, including science. Inevitably, this means some women are being hired over better-qualified men. Although women are indeed found in lower numbers in the physical sciences than in other fields (a pattern found throughout the world), there is no credible evidence that this is due to either systemic or direct discrimination.

Jul. 26, 1999 - from "Affirmative action is junk science", published in the National Post
Although [Ontario premier] Mike Harris' Conservative party in Ontario did away with the [previously-governing New Democratic Party's] employment equity legislation, it has done nothing to rid Ontario universities of employment equity offices and practices. The Ontario ministry of education and training last year stated that employment equity is a 'prerogative of the institution'. So Ontario citizens are still encumbered by a system they thought they were rejecting by electing the Harris government.

Jul. 26, 1999 - from "Affirmative action is junk science", published in the National Post