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Joe Woodard
Columnist for Alberta Report

The manipulation of the UN process, family advocates warn, is a key component of the Chretien government's strategy to impose social radicalism back at home.

Jul. 1, 1996 - from "Canadians Go Home", Alberta Report
Since the 1982 adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms ... Canada's judges have moved boldly into the public policy arena, shaping laws to fit their own peculiar biases and ideologies. In effect, Canada's top judges have become the supreme rulers of the land, and that has turned the [Supreme Court justice] selection process into a back-room brawl between competing interests.

Jan. 19, 1998 - from "Rumblings of a counter-revolution", Alberta Report
Pollsters and theologians agree that Canadians prefer their faith unmediated by doctrine or denomination. Religion is now a matter of private judgement and observance for a majority, and thus we have become a country of not a few hundred different creeds but a few million.

Jun. 10, 1996 - from "Every man his own church", Alberta Report