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Jonathan Wallace

Plaintiff in the successful ACLU v. Reno free speech case, in which the new Communications Decency Act was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the U.S., lawyer (Harvard Law School) and expert in computer law, publisher of The Ethical Spectacle, an online journal, co-author (with Mark Mangan) of Sex, Laws, and Cyberspace

[The judgement against operators of the anti-abortion Web site The Nuremberg Files] The verdict ... acutely illustrates the way society blurs the distinction between morality and legality. Not everything which we find shockingly immoral is, or should be, illegal. In the case of a decision assigning liability for pure speech -- for that is all a web page is -- more consideration should have been given to the goals of the first amendment, and the precedents already established in free speech law.

Feb. 15, 1999 - from "Anti-abortion web site shut down in civil suit", published in The Ethical Spectacle