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Kelly L. Ross
1949 -

Professor of Philosophy, Los Angeles Valley College, Libertarian Party candidate for the California State Assembly in 2000, publisher and editor of The Proceedings of the Friesan School

The truth is that our failure of virtue is not so much a private, social, and moral one, manifest in pornography, etc., but in fact a political failure, just as the likes of Paine, Jefferson, and Madison feared it would be. ... Our failure of political virtue comes in our supine accommodation to the growing tyrannies and thieveries of government.

Sep. 19, 1993 - from a letter to the editors of The American Scholar
The combination of moralism and moral aestheticism [in radical philosophy] thus results from a secular rejection of traditional religion and its morality (the morally aesthetic aspect) together with an unconscious and unreflective revival and adaptation of the religious impulse, in its most dogmatic and irrational forms (the moralistic aspect), to political purposes. The result is an oxymoronic 'secular religion'

from "The Fallacies of Moralism and Moral Aestheticism"