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Denis Tillinac

French novelist, editor, and journalist for Le Figaro, who is sometimes billed as a "personal representative" of French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac

The man of the Left, having digested Marx, rolls up his sleeves and decides to 'change life'; the man of the Right, having ridden with d'Artagnan, prepares to raise the tone of his own life. On the Left, the belief that happiness is achievable through collective action. On the Right, the obvious fact that no human being can ever escape from the shackles of his own angels and demons. On the Left, the project; on the Right, the demand. On the Left, the weight of an ideology. On the Right, the grace of solitary vigour. On the Left, quantifiable certainties; on the Right, the glorious uncertainty of sport. On the Left, committees; on the Right, the Musketeers.