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I.F. Stone
1908 - 1989

American investigative journalist. Stone was an avowed communist for his first 48 years, then a socialist. He challenged U.S. government idealogy, especially official information about the Korean and VietNam wars, and was a hero of the anti-Vietnam war movement. He published the I.F. Stone Weekly, and wrote Polemics and Prophesies (1970, Random House)

The first rule of journalism is that governments lie. All governments lie.

I feel like a swimmer under water who must rise to the surface or his lungs will burst. Whatever the consequences, I must say what I really feel after seeing the Soviet Union and carefully studying the statements of its leading officials. This is not a good society, and it is not led by honest men.

May 28, 1956 - from I.F. Stone Weekly (Stone was an avowed communist until he wrote this)