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Midge Dector

Former distinguished fellow at the Institute on Religion and Public Life, author of Liberal Parents, Radical Children and others

We refused to assume one of the central obligations of parenthood: to make ourselves the final authority on good and bad, right and wrong, and to take the consequences of what might turn out to be a lifetime battle.

from Liberal Parents, Radical Children
When [the stolidity of complacent public attitudes towards government] works against us, as in so many ways it does today, we find the condition of the country infuriating and even dangerous. We are wrong to find it so. We must remember that it has taken 50 (some would say 60) years of creeping liberalism to bring us to the place where a whole group of intelligent and educated people can no longer define a family, or say with certainty what differentiates men and women, or muster a simple argument against teen-age sexual promiscuity or drug use, or discern a difference between heterosexual and homosexual lovemaking, or straightforwardly clarify their views on such subjects as incest, child pornography, or even -- God help us and the teachers' unions -- the abomination that currently travels under the name of 'man-boy love.' Small wonder, then, that they cannot find a decent way through the rather more clouded issues of abortion and assisted suicide. How many years may it take us to climb back up these slippery slopes?

Feb. 09, 1997 - from a collection of essays published under the title "On the Future of Conservatism" by Commentary magazine